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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Clive James

I remember nothing so funny as watching Clive James on TV when I was little.  Every time I hear him speak or read anything he's written I'm always entertained by his humour, observations or depth of knowledge on a subject.  The other day I came across a BBC news article from his weekly column and I thought it was so good that I had to link to it on my blog.  There's nothing like a fallen celebrity to hook you in to a story and the 'so true' description of Nicholas Cage had me laughing: "Nobody will be left desperate by the career of Nicolas Cage except those who have been unfortunate enough to see his movies, in all of which he pops his eyes with his wet mouth half open, looking exactly like a man who wants to buy Windsor castle and employ the tenants as ground staff".  Is it just me or does everybody hear Clive James in their head when they read it?  But the article is much more insightful and wide-ranging than I could ever give him credit for here.  So I'll just let you go and read it. 

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