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Monday, 16 December 2013

Keeping an eye on the little things!

I'm a mum of two boys and I work full time. Things are hectic at work and hectic at home sometimes I'm ready for bed before the children.  Well most of the time I'm ready for bed before the children.  I barely get time to wash, dry and iron the clothes let alone cook meals, baby food, do the shopping, service the car, visit the dentist and generally clean the house and make myself look presentable.  I used to keep a few notes on Google's 'Days Since' which gave me a fairly good idea of how long it had been since I called my mum, sisters, visited my Grandma, went for a run, swimming, met up with friends (yes I did used to have a life) but alas that wasn't available on my phone so it increasingly became out of date.  Tom Walton and his good friend David Yates have developed, to coin a phrase, 'an app for that', in response to the sheer lack of practical ways to record life's day-to-day unrecorded, unremembered 'little things'.  Logsit does all the remembering for me on my omni-present Iphone.  Not only does it remind me its time to feed my little 10 month old son but it knows when I last took paracetamol, drank a cup of coffee, when and where I put diesel in the car and how much it cost, when my car last had a service and what was wrong with it!  As if all that wasn't enough I get presented with a fantastic little gallery of all my family's hair cuts, favourite places to visit, bottles of wine I've tried and films I've watched. It couldn't be more simple if it tried.  If there's one little 'app' out there that you can't live without its Logsit.  Its the most used app on my phone and well its just awesome.  The best 69p I've ever spent!

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